These are just a few examples of
how and why people use our royalty free music

What people use our music for

Paul Tomkinson


Paul, who works as a hypnotherapist, combined some of our hypnosis music, available for public use, with his own voice recording to make a serene and soothing guided experience that can help alleviate anxiety. As part of his patient care program, he offers each of them a copy of the recording. Also, he releases it on popular streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon. The best part is that since it’s royalty-free music, Paul can sell unlimited copies of the recording without owing us any more money.

Paul Tomkinson Hypnotherapist

Amanda Harris

Guided Meditations

Amanda produces guided meditations in sound and video format, for her subscribers and YouTube page.

She created her first YouTube video as a trial; however, it received an overwhelming response, resulting in thousands of subscribers. Since that fateful start, she has produced many meditation videos on YouTube, accumulating hundreds of thousands of followers, and now makes a significant income from not only her personal subscribers, but also the advertising revenue generated by their videos.

Guided Meditations Amanda Harris
Yoga Instructor
Emily Bennett Yoga Teacher

Yoga Teacher

Emily Bennett

Emily, a yoga instructor, purchased some tracks from our royalty-free meditation music and assembled a playlist for her yoga classes. Her pupils (young and old!) enjoy the soothing music she plays, and it helps them with their rhythmic breathing.

In fact, she has become so popular, she is launching her own YouTube channel to try and expand her business.

Severo Duke

App Development

As a software developer, Severo integrated our music into an iPhone app he was commissioned to build.

This app is a language learning tool specifically for the iPhone, and what makes Severo’s use of our music so interesting is the combination of language learning with background music.

One of the unusual features is a 1-hour long track, with repeated phrases in the language of choice, with our background music.  The concept allows the user to feel relaxed and in a meditative zone while learning the language.

Severo procured the music on behalf of his client, who can now distribute their app without incurring any licensing fees for the music.

Josie Pugh

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapist
Message Therapy

Josie is a professional massage therapist who has achieved the level of Reiki master. She not only arranges meditation retreats but is also an expert in stress management, consulting corporate clients as well as high-powered individuals.

Claudia utilizes our royalty-free meditation music to soothe her clients during her sessions. Additionally, she incorporates this same music within her personal guided meditation recordings. 

Her whole business is around the human body, mind and soul; and our real-life orchestral meditations tie everything together.