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Royalty Information

Royalty-free music refers to music that can be used for commercial purposes without any recurring fee needed to be paid. The cost of royalty-free music is higher than normal music, but it includes a one-time license fee that enables one to use the music to generate income by creating various products, such as meditation recordings, software applications, or YouTube videos. This music can also be played at a business location without any fees for performing rights. 


Our website offers music just like any other music website, which can be purchased and downloaded easily without any special requirements. To prove that you have legal permission to use our music, all you need is our invoice, which includes our standard license agreement. You will receive the invoice instantly after your purchase.

We maintain comprehensive and extensive records of all transactions for an extended period. Hence, if you happen to misplace your records and require evidence of your ability to utilise our music, we are fully able to assist you.

The cost of the license is incorporated within the music’s price and there are no extra charges. When you access any music page at Orchestral Meditations, you will find the prices displayed below the album art.

Yes please.  It’s part of our Terms & Conditions.  To find out how to credit properly, see this page.

Many people ask whether they have permission to use our meditation music, which is free of royalties, to make recordings for meditation or hypnosis and sell them. Our response is yes, that is precisely what our music is intended for. Additionally, our music can be used for a variety of other media projects that can generate revenue, such as YouTube videos, apps, and relaxation DVDs. If you want to learn about other ways individuals have utilized our music, check out some active cases by clicking here.

Certainly. After producing a recording by incorporating your voice into our music, you are free to publish an unlimited number of CDs or MP3s. Feel free to sell them on iTunes, Amazon, your personal website, or anywhere else…the choice is yours! The recording belongs entirely to you.

Regrettably, this is not possible. Allowing the music we produce to be played on your website would enable visitors to use your site as a free music player, which goes against our license terms. We prohibit the selling or streaming our music without a VoiceOver or additional content.

Our music is exclusively available through downloading. Hard copy CD’s are to expensive now to manufacture. Not only are digital downloads cheaper, but we can also send them to you instantly, without any delay in receiving physical CDs via mail.

There are a few things that are not allowed. You cannot sell our music in its original form. For example, you cannot sell our music or make it available to download for free from your website, you cannot create CDs with our music without a VoiceOver, and you cannot use our music in a software app that can play the music without a VoiceOver. You can’t mix our music with other music or add musical instrumentation. However, you can add nature sounds to our music. You cannot sub-license our background music in any way – meaning that you cannot purchase our music and then re-sell it to other people to use in their projects, nor can you take our music and turn it into your own music library to distribute to others. Please take a look at our Terms & Conditions for full details.

You are not allowed to purchase our music and combine it with your own music to make it seem like it’s yours. This is called “creating a derived work”, and it is not allowed. However, you can make some changes to the music you bought from us by adding things like fade-ins and fade-outs, looping the music, cutting it, or adding natural sounds or vocal performances.

Absolutely. You can use any nature sounds you like (even nature sounds that you purchased elsewhere). However, you cannot mix our music with nature sounds and sell that recording without a VoiceOver. Remember – all our music is to be used as background music only – you cannot resell our audio productions in their original form or use them to create derived works.

There is no reason to be concerned. You can utilize the music you obtained from us in your YouTube videos. It is common for YouTube to send notices concerning copyright infringement, but they are easily settled. YouTube relies on automated systems to assess the content of its videos, and if it detects that the music in your video belongs to a third party, it will generate a copyright notice.

However, if you have purchased royalty-free music, you are authorized to employ it in your YouTube videos, and you can dismiss these violation notices with a few clicks.

Log in to your YouTube account, go to your video manager and select the copyright notice link, often labelled as “Matched third party content”. You can use the provided links to challenge the claim, and shortly afterwards, YouTube will remove the claim.

Your music will be provided to you in two different forms:

(1) Uncompressed WAV files at a 16-bit / 44 kHz rate. These possess the same quality as CD audio and are suitable if you intend to burn a CD with your music or use it in a professional setting.

(2) 320 kbps MP3 files. These are smaller than WAV files and are preferred if you desire to transfer your music to a portable device.

The two formats mentioned are of excellent quality and can be used on both Mac and PC devices. It should be noted that the audio files have been compressed and secured in zip files to ensure a successful download. Once downloaded, open the zip file, which will reveal both WAV and MP3 files.

The most superior audio files are WAV files with the same sound quality as CDs. They are better than MP3 files; nonetheless, our MP3 files are exceptionally good, and some individuals cannot differentiate between them. Since these are the most popular audio formats, we provide both file types, and certain people are more accustomed to one type than the other.

Once we receive your payment, you will be redirected to a webpage that has links to get your music. In addition, we will send you an email with a link to your downloads. To retrieve the files, click the links and save them onto your computer. The files will be in zip format but can be accessed by double-clicking the zip file to reveal the audio content.

At any point in the future, you can revisit Orchestral Meditations, sign in to your account, and retrieve your music without any limitations on how many times you can do so.

We’ve never had this happen. But if it does, simply contact us and we can get you up and running straight away.

Our music files are very high quality and quite large, with the largest being around 9000MB in size. Don’t worry though, most internet connections can handle this size without any issue.

We do from time to time accept commissions. Please note, our music is seriously expensive to produce, hiring a world-famous studio like Abbey Road and an orchestra like the National Philharmonic Orchestra doesn’t come cheap!

So if you think you have a healthy budget and can see the merits in having your own music, please do contact us directly.

All our music is created by live instruments; most (if not all) of our competitors use digital instruments.

This means we use the National Philharmonic Orchestra, and record in Abbey Road Studios, London.

No other meditation on the planet has been created like this. It really does mean we are unique in every way.

When a musical sound is produced in a medium such as air, it causes air molecules to vibrate. When these vibrations hit our ears, our ears vibrate at the same frequencies, and the signal is converted from a sound in the air into electrical signals that our brain interprets as sound.

The audible frequency range in the average person at birth, is from 20Hz to 20000Hz, or 20 kHz.

When we record an orchestra, we have all the colours of the rainbow to play with. From the lowest notes on a Double Bass through to the highest notes on a violin or piccolo, our meditation music explores all these frequencies.

This means we can cover many different Solfeggio frequencies within one music. Things like the 174 HZ frequency that relieves a person from tension and pain, through to the 528 Hz for miracles and transformations like DNA repair.

And let’s not forget; the emotion coming from 90 musicians playing together, breathing together, and making music together; is always going to be more powerful for the listener than a digital computer programmed instrument!

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