Thank You For Joining Our Family

Thanks for becoming an OM subscriber!

You’ll shortly receive an email with your first download link along with the licence number. Remember to always keep the email and licence number safe as it’s your proof that you’ve received the tracks with your subscription.

Just as a reminder, here is how your subscription works:

Subscription Schedule

You should shortly receive your first download link of our Short length version of Samsara.

You’ll receive the Medium length track.

You’ll receive the Long length track.

Two weeks later, the whole process starts again.  You’ll be charged for your second month of subscription and immediately receive the Short length track of Kailash.  

On day 7, you’ll receive the Medium length track, and on Day 14, the Long length track.

This process continues month after month with a new track until you decide to cancel.

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You’ve paid your first monthly subscription, and you’ll automatically be charged every month until you choose to stop.

This is by far the most cost-effective way to receive our meditation music.

Over a month, you’ll receive three lengths of the same track. If you were to purchase these three tracks separately, it would have cost you $417!

Over the coming year, you’ll be paying the equivalent of just $59 per track.

What Do I Do Now?

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Nothing! That’s the great thing about our subscription; the tracks will just be delivered to you automatically – and what’s more, you’ll receive them before they’re on sale to the public!

You can cancel your subscription at any time with no notice. No refunds are given, but you’ll still be able to use the tracks you have a licence for, forever.  If you want to cancel, just click on the Account icon at the top of the page (little person!) and log into your account.  You can cancel from there.

But what do you do if you upgraded to a subscription from a previous purchase? 

Well that’s easy.

Drop a quick email within 14 days to [email protected], we will cross check everything, and refund all of your purchases made within the last 14 days straight away.