528Hz Meditation

About Kailash

Mount Kailash is considered one of the most important spiritual places in Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism and Bön and is regarded as the holiest mountain.

It features a flute and piano-led track with a reflecting sound.  The gentle 60-piece string section creates a bed of relaxation and calm, with the woodwind and 32-piece choir adding warmth and intrigue.  

There is no pulse in this track.  Instead, we have a sense of space and air throughout, with many moments for you to insert your spoken audio or natural sounds.

The music was composed in connection with the Fibonacci Sequence for the symbol of growth and the never-ending cycle of life. It has a 528Hz Solfeggio healing frequency through the track for transformation like DNA repair.

Recorded in 3D Binaural Sound, when you listen with headphones, the sound doesn’t just appear to come from your two ears; it sounds like the orchestra and music are all around you – above, below, to the sides and behind.  A truly spiritual and immersive experience.

Kailash was recorded at Abbey Road Studios, London, with the National Philharmonic Orchestra.

Track Options:

We have three track lengths

Each track comes with a compressed MP3 file (smaller file size) and a broadcast quality WAV file (larger file size).  The tracks are identical, the only difference is the file type.






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